Pyrotechnics, the cheap way. And some opinions on some teas.

Yesterday Liam and I tried to create an explosion.

Liam had to film a commercial for one of his classes, and he jumped on my first random suggestion of hot sauce. So there was a lot of hot pepper cutting, chicken throwing, and of course the hot sauce exploding. You know, because of the hotness.

So he set to work on finding a way to make shit explode. His research led him to flour. And by research I mean that  after a night of eating wings and drinking, one of his more eccentric friends suggested flour.

So yesterday morning we got up early to film a big explosion, only to find that the SD card for Liam’s camera had gone missing. After tearing apart Liam’s house, we called Grant to have him ransack his house, since we had been there the night before watching the Power Rangers movie. (No, really.)  While he was looking, Liam and I headed to the mall to scope out a backup.

Running with Liam’s luck of the day, Grant couldn’t find the SD card, and his camera is just old enough that you can’t buy an SD card for it in stores anymore. So we decided to use my phone.

We drove to an empty lot behind a grocery store, pulled out some newspaper, flour, and taped green bristol board to a shopping cart. (For a green screen, obviously.)

I started to film and Liam tried to light the newspaper. And tried. And tried. And tried and tried and tried. But the lighter would only shoot sparks.

After many minutes of painful flicking, the paper lit properly. Then finding out how to make the flour flare up was another adventure. Eventually we ran out of flour with no explosions in sight. Liam doesn’t give up though. He ran to the grocery store for more, leaving me to protect the green screen.

When he got back we started all over again. Lighter trouble. Paper won’t stay lit. Too much flour! Finally, after an hour or so of effort, we got some flames to flare up.

I am no longer entirely sure of the definition of explosion.

This is the face of aggravated success.

I promsised tea reviews in my last entry, and you will have them. Days late of course, because I’m flaky and can’t keep to a schedule, even if it is a tasty one. Regardless, here are the first six days of the David’s Tea 24 Days Of Tea advent calendar. I’ll link to the teas on the website in case my opinions move you so thoroughly that you feel inclined to buy some (which you totally should).

Read My Lips: This tea is just absolutely delicious. It’s a black tea, with peppermint, dark chocolate, red lip sprkinles and pink peppercorns. It’s a pretty light tea. Normally, I sweeten black tea with sugar and/or milk, but with this one the chocolate and candy lips melt through the tea bags I use and give the tea such a sweet flavour. It’s just all around fantastic.

Green and Fruity: This one is pretty much exactly what the name says. It’s a green rooibos tea with papaya, apple and mango. This was a nice one that Liam and I drank while making a gingerbread house. It tastes predominantly of mango. As a bonus (or minus, depending on whether you need to sleep or not) it’s caffiene free.

Creme de Menthe: This is an organic tea. It’s pu-erh, and it has cinnamon, peppermint, licorice root and vanilla bean in it. Peppermint is one of my all time favourite tea ingredients, and the vanilla was a nice balance to it. Just as an fyi, licorice is an ingredient commonly used in teas to help you sleep. It usually works. For me, anyway.

Chocolate Rocket: This one is by FAR my favourite at this point. This one is a yerba mate, with cocoa bits, almonds, organic roasted chicory root, and raspberries. The only thing that I feel I have to say about this tea is that it tastes like a raspberry chocolate from a box of Pot of Gold. Amazing.

Countess of Seville: Another organic tea; another green tea. It has orange peel, bergamot oil, cornflowers (all organic), and orange oil. I didn’t find the taste of orange overly strong with this one, but orange peel has a bunch of health benefits, including weight loss, nice skin, and (from personal experience) muscle relaxing.

Detox: Once again, an organic tea. Made with rooibos, sencha green tea, ginger, lemongrass, ginkgo, juniper berries and natural lemon flavouring, the website claims that this one “will make you feel like a new person.” To be honest, I didn’t feel much out of it. Maybe I need to give it another try, I don’t know. I found the taste of this one a bit overpowering; almost woodsy. Liam, however, loved this tea. It paired perfectly with his homework.

So that’s the first six days. I will post the next six sometime hopefully in the near future (after the 12th of course, because I promised my sister I wouldn’t jump ahead). I have 4 exams in 5 days starting Monday so try not to miss me too much if I don’t get to post right away. Just send good wishes my way. A 50% grammar exam is something that means I need all the well-wishes I can get.


2 thoughts on “Pyrotechnics, the cheap way. And some opinions on some teas.

  1. Jason Black says:

    Flour is only explosive when it's in a fuel/air mixture.

    Fuel/air explosives can be hella powerful, and flour mixed with air is what sometimes makes grain elevators detonate.

    But flour itself is only mildly flammable. To make it blow up, the individual starch grains have to have ready access to copious oxygen, for which they pretty much have to be suspended in air.

    Try this: Put a teaspoon to a tablespoon of flour in a paper bag. Twist the bag shut, and shake the crap out of it to aerosolize the flour inside. Then set the bag on fire or hang it on a string over a candle flame or something like that. It ought to do something interesting for you.


  2. Stellapiano says:

    I guess we should have done more actual research before throwing flour at some flaming newspaper haha. Thanks for the advice Jason! That will be great to know for the next time Liam decides he needs an explosion.


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