and that’s how I knew I might be a masochist

I am currently being slowly knocked out by melatonin, which is good because if not, I would probably just lie in bed and seethe.

I got into an argument tonight with a good friend. The conversation got me pretty worked up and when I’m worked up it will sit and stew forever, just because I can (thank you very much).
So I took a melatonin tablet, and decided to distract myself while waiting for it to kick in by playing a game.

A cell phone game.

Angry birds.

But there is no “just playing” angry birds for me. I hate those little bastard birds, and their little green pig friends. I am determined to beat this game because, like any book I pick up, I’ve got to finish it. I can’t leave pages unread, I can’t leave levels unbeaten, I can’t leave pigs unflattened. It’s just my way. No matter how unreasonably angry and frustrated it makes me (I’m looking at you, Breaking Dawn), I can’t let it go until it’s finished.

I could have gone for the game where the cow jumps on platforms to get to a spaceship. I could have gone with sudoku.

But no.

I had to go with the one that would undoubtedly make me the most angry, the most frustrated, the most irritated person in the world for those few minutes between when I took a melatonin tablet, and when it knocks me out on my pillow.

And that’s how I knew.


5 thoughts on “and that’s how I knew I might be a masochist

  1. mark says:

    There's a good reason why it's called Angry Birds (apart from the storyline). I must get 3 stars on ALL Levels. Hours have been spent on this.


  2. Amanda says:

    I finally got 3 stars on all levels about a week ago. I only brought myself to delete the game yesterday, but I'm already itching to replace it with one of the spinoff games.


  3. Peter says:

    Don't do it! worst de-motivation is when you delete the game and see that all the hard work is lost 😦

    I've avoided all games on my phone now, I don't like the end result at all, so I try not to start.


  4. Amanda says:

    I already deleted it, but there's no sense of loss for me. It's more like a “I kicked your ass and now I'm kicking you out!” kind of feeling.

    I almost immediately replaced it with Angry Birds Rio though, so I'm not sure what difference it made haha.


  5. Red says:

    I've said it, I've posted it, Angry Birds = Opium on the phone. That said, I'm stuck on level 2-21. ('ve only had it a few days, but I'm SO hooked!

    I hate how the piggies laugh at me when I fail a level.


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