and next thing you know I’m Nicolas Cage

Anyone who read my previous entry knows that I have a brand new bedroom to decorate. When I want to be inspired in a way that won’t break my soul (thanks again, Pinterest), I go to Pier 1 Imports. That place just bursts with colour from the second you walk in the door, and everything in there is just so… neat. One thing the seem to have consistently is peacock-inspired items. There’s an entire section dedicated to it, and then even more of it spread out through the store. I love the colours and the peacock feather motifs on everything. I want it all.

But every time I pick something up, I feel the unrelenting urge to put it back and walk away. No matter how much I like it, I scold myself into thinking it’s way too tacky because my brain is a jerk.

It’s not because I have a love/hate relationship with peacocks and their feathers. Like I said, I think it’s gorgeous. It’s the fact that I have a relationship with a Peacock.  It’s my boyfriend’s last name.

So when I see something peacock related that I think would look awesome, I picture everyone silently judging me by thinking that I’m way too obsessed with my boyfriend and since it would look crazy to plaster his face all over my wall I just throw in a bunch of things that symbolically represent his last name. Or something like that.

Or worse, it might look like I’m obsessed with peacocks, and chose a boyfriend for that exact reason.

Like Nicolas Cage and his obsession with Elvis. Like how he loves Elvis so much that he used him as character inspiration, recorded some of his songs, and briefly married his daughter.

Pictured: most definitely Nicolas Cage. (Source)

But really, it’s kind of like how when a relatively new person becomes an old person, they get to pick an animal and decorate the shit out of everything with it. (My aunt chose roosters. Whatever, it’s her choice.) And since I’m already an old person inside (I’m actually simultaneously 9 years old and 65 years old), I may be subconsciously fast tracking that aspect.

I’m thinking about giving in and just getting one of those mini lamps with a couple of peacock feathers on a black lampshade. Just as an accent. And totally not crazy. Either that or just give in completely and go full peacock.

I could be like The Bloggess and Beyonce.

Meet Rhianna, the giant metal peacock.

4 thoughts on “and next thing you know I’m Nicolas Cage

  1. Red says:

    If there truly is a giant metal peacock out there, you should totally get it! Just one peacock-themed item is not insane, but you'd have to make it a good one!

    …not that a peacock-themed room is insane either.


  2. I had a boyfriend once whose last name was Pencilcock.
    Strange, I know.
    And it fit.


  3. Amanda says:

    My goodness, that is unfortunate! Both the name and situation.


  4. Okay I love the Bloggess and Beyonce combination… bold, may however results in an unfortunate Sheena Easton moment.

    I thought the Nick Cage loves Elvis thing was cool until her married her daughter. Then it got a tad bit creepy…


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