snow day cupcakes

There used to be a tradition among my friends. When school was cancelled on a ccount of a snow storm, we would all gather at the house where Liam used to live. The residents of the house (affectionately dubbed Polina, after the road it was on) would be prepared for this day for months. They would have gathered money, held a vote, and then would happily go to the liquor store, where they would buy a texas mickey of the winner’s booze of choice.

Just in case you’re not familiar with a texas mickey. (Source)

Once the snow day was confirmed, those of us who were already at the house (because when the forecast called for a storm, Polina’s couches and beds would be full of snow day hopefuls) would put on silly hats and take the ceremonial first shot, no matter what time of day it was. More friends would stumble through the door after braving the weather to get to Polina to join in what we called the Snow Day Mickey.

But nothing lasts forever. People moved away. Polina was sold. And the Snow Day Mickey is no longer something for us to look forward to. So what can Liam and I do if we can’t get drunk with a dozen good friends anymore? This winter we’ve unconsciously started a new, less alcoholic tradition for our snow days (and there have been a surprising amount of them this year).

When forecasters promise us a mess, Liam and I bundle up, jump in the car and head to the grocery store. We’ll stock up on good breakfast foods and some general snacks. But most importantly, we’ll pick a cupcake recipe or two from my Pinterest board and cook them up while watching It’s Always Sunny In Philidelphia or Jurassic Park.

Both love cupcakes. (Source)

Now that spring is coming, I’m sad at losing my excuse to gorge myself on all this deliciousness. I love days that give me an excuse to spend all afternoon in the kitchen, and nothing assures that more than a snow day.

Because this happens.

In case you were wondering, this year’s snow days brought us Cap’n Crunch cupcakes,

for which we forgot all about frosting

Cherry Coke cupcakes,

and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cupcakes.

There are whispers of a last storm, known as Sheila’s Brush, that may be passing through this week, and I sincerely hope so. Aside from giving us some leg room in the final push of university (you know, the time when every prof assigns huge projects all at once), it would give me the chance to make the last recipe that I am dying to make.

Dr. Pepper. Cupcakes.

Dr. Pepper is basically my nectar of life. So the thought of having it in cupcake form is almost too much to bear. So I’m crossin’ my fingers for this one last snow day, so I have an excuse to make this. Although, I suppose if we don’t end up getting this one last storm, I can use the excuse of breaking in my new Kitchenaid stand mixer.

Now I just need to get working on a summer excuse.


4 thoughts on “snow day cupcakes

  1. Um, you just made me totally hungry.

    And you also combined three of my favorite things: Always Sunny, Jurassic Park, and booze. Bravo!


  2. Amanda says:

    I'm sorry! If I could, I'd make you a booze cupcake to make up for it.


  3. Oh I've never heard of captain crunch cupcakes or cinnamon toast cupcakes. Both of my favorite cereals. How creative!!


  4. Amanda says:

    They're my favourite too, especially cap'n crunch. It was really neat and so tasty!


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