in which a customer steps on my feelings

I like making small talk with customers while they’re at the register.

So yesterday, while I was ringing in a woman who was buying a dinosaur book, I told her that Liam and I love dinosaurs too, and that I’d once planned a Jurassic Park wedding jokingly.

The woman replied with “Oh, my husband would marry you in a second!”

To which he replied “WHAT? OH MY GOD NO.”

Well now.


8 thoughts on “in which a customer steps on my feelings

  1. Ouch!

    I once had a similar conversation with a customer about my boyfriend and me watching dinosaur films, and her response was, “How old IS your son?”


  2. Amanda says:

    The things that people are comfortable saying to a cashier is amazing! It's like they forget we're real people from time to time haha.


  3. L-Diggitty says:

    Bwahahha!!!! I'm pretty sure he was trying not to get into trouble 😉


  4. Amanda says:

    haha I understand that completely. He just could have been a little less disgusted by the suggestion!


  5. Claire says:

    Yikes! Maybe he just didn't want to piss off the wife. I bet he was embarrassed too.


  6. Amanda says:

    Yeah, I think there was embarassment all around in this situation haha.


  7. Maybe he's afflicted with taking everything literally syndrome.


  8. Amanda says:

    If that's the case, I don't ever want to be his friend. He sounds like a downer.


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