that time I went to Europe: part one – Barelona

As my friend Mark suggested a little while back, I am going to start a series of write-ups on my trip to Europe. Really it’s an excuse to share a bunch of my pictures, more than anything.

The Flight/Barcelona

Though our flight wasn’t until the late evening, Jennifer, my sister and I decided that we needed to rise early and prepare – with a McDonald’s breakfast. We rolled through the drive-thru in our pajamas about 15 minutes before the end of breakfast, and ordered various pancakes and McMuffins.

It was glorious.

After a frenzied afternoon of last minute packing, we headed to the airport (as last minute as possible, of course) and got ready for our long flight. We left St. John’s late in the evening, and landed for our flight change in the early morning London fog.

In no time, a couple of us were on another flight, and on our way to Barcelona. The flight was short and though I would have loved to catch up on some sleep, I am so glad I did not miss flying into Spain.

After the flight in, it was a long and sleepy wait at the airport for the next round of family members (since the 17 of us were on 4 different flights). After an hour and a half or so, we found the next group and all got ready to head to the hotel. Customer service told us it was easy to get to our hotel. One bus ride to a train, train to a subway, and then a block of walking.

As simple as that sentence sounds, it took us three hours to get to our hotel. In this time we had to change subway locations multiple times, which included dragging our luggage up/down multiple flights of stairs that had 30 or more stairs. All in the midday heat of Barcelona. It was tough, but we were troopers. None so much as my 80 year old grandparents though.

Pictured: two badass senior citizens.

I can’t say the walk was all bad, because we did get to enjoy how gorgeous Barcelona is.

As seen on pinterest

We got to the Holiday Inn just in time for my cousin to throw up from heat stroke and everyone to pass out and sleep for hours.

When the rest of my family flew in in the evening, my uncle met them at the airport. They decided to cab back.

The next day, we actually got to enjoy being in Barcelona. When we woke up, we found something that didn’t quite fit with our gorgeous hotel room.

I guess they didn’t want to pay for the extra material.

Most of my pictures are of the architecture, which I fell in love with. Balconies everywhere! We just walked the streets for a while, and stopped to enjoy a drink at one of the outdoor cafes. They were lined off all across the streets.

We found some really weird looking buildings…

but mostly just enjoyed how gorgeous everything is.

One of the biggest things we went to see was the Barcelona Cathedral. It was so big that I couldn’t get a good front-on shot with my poor, barely surviving, point-and-shoot.

Here it is! …kind of. …and Jennifer.

Inside was beautiful, but what really got me was the view from the top. You can get in an elevator and walk on the roof of the church, where you get a breathtaking view of Barcelona.

There were also geese in the cloisters there. I loved that.

After the church, we went on the hunt for food. We found the most beautiful fresh food market.

Due to popular vote, we ate at Burger King. I wish I was joking.

Our dinner was much more enjoyable. We went to a pizza place just down the street from our hotel called Mascalzone, where the pizza was delicious, and so were the guys making it. There were several suggestive comments at the “young people” end of the table that night. I may or may not have taken part.

The pizza I ordered all but blew my mind. It had mortadella, greens, pistachios and ricotta cheese. This is what they gave me:

There is nothing in the world I could tell you to fully express how delicious that pizza was. But the chefs weren’t done yet. Having found out that my grandparents were celebrating their 60th anniversary on this trip, they made a special pizza for nan and pop.
Nan, the slyest of all us flirty ladies.

It was a chocolate pizza with a big 60 on it. Once again, beyond delicious.

Full of tasty pizza and cheap wine, I sauntered around the streets of Barcelona a bit more with my family, drunker than I would have liked my nan to see, but still happy as a clam. We passed a midnight rollerblading club, and decided that was the cue to go to bed. After all, the next day we were moving on again. It was boarding day on the Ruby Princess.

I hope you enjoyed my first Europe write-up. Coming soon: boarding the Ruby Princess, and Monte Carlo!


9 thoughts on “that time I went to Europe: part one – Barelona

  1. mark says:

    Great pictures – looks like a lot of fun! Burger King and the Holiday Inn? Are you sure you weren't in the USA? 🙂 The joys of traveling with family that likes to “play it safe.” No need to explain.


  2. Amanda says:

    Haha luckily, most of the family let go of the “play it safe” mentality very quickly into the trip.


  3. L-Diggitty says:

    How fun!!! I've always wanted to go to Barcelona (I'm working on learning Spanish right now, so once I get better at it, I'm totally making plans to go!).

    Looking forward to the rest of the journey 🙂


  4. Amanda says:

    I hope you get to go soon! It was one of my favourite places that I traveled, and I would love to actually live there one day.


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  8. […] As my friend Mark suggested a little while back, I am going to start a series of write-ups on my trip to Europe. Really it’s an excuse to share a bunch of my pictures, more than anything. To find part one about Barcelona, you can go here here. […]


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