my Christmas in pictures

So we’re almost there; Old Christmas Day, signaling the end of the season and the time to bring everything back to normal. This makes me sad, because I love the decorations and the music and the specials (though the shoppers not so much) and I hate to pack it all away for another year.

But before I do, I figured I’d share my Christmas with you. I’ve already shared putting up my tree with Liam, and I sadly got no pictures of my Christmas baking. (Though you can take my word whenI say that it was delicious!)

On Christmas eve, my family each opens one gift before bed. I got a new point-and-shoot camera, seeing as my old one was years old and nearly completely broken. My first picture was of our beautiful Christmas tree.

I then snapped a picture of what I felt was a very successful wrapping job.

By 8:10 on Christmas morning, my sister was in my room throwing Ferrero Rochers at my head. I talked her into waiting until 9, at which point she bounded into my parents’ room, and we all headed downstairs.

As is tradition, my dad handed out our gifts to us, occasionally stopping to open one of his own when we pressed him to. I got some wonderful things this year. The favourites among them being

(It’s a KichenAid mixer pasta press attachment)

Even though this is his seventh Christmas, Mac can’t seem to get a grasp on what’s happening (much like Halloween).

Once we finish opening gifts, we have a big breakfast, get ready, and drive an hour to my grandparents’ house for Christmas. The entire family does it, and when we’re all together there are at least 40 people from ages 5 to 80 all in the one place. It’s a blast, if you’re used to it.

I have nothing even close to a group shot.

Once we have our turkey dinner (often called Jiggs Dinner here) and the myriad of desserts have been delved into, we retire to Nan and Pop’s living room for a second round of gift opening.

This year was a good laugh, with the evidence of what 60 years of marriage brings you to. My grandparents bought one Christmas card, and signed it “To Eliza, To Henry.” You read that right, they “gave” each other the same card. One card.

By the time Mom handed Pop’s gift to Nan…

“I wonder what it is!” “A chamber pot?”

we were all in tears from laughing so hard.

Liam likes to spend the evening with my family, so there are always gifts under the tree for him. This year, he claims, I won Christmas.

The jersey he always said he wanted: Gary Roberts circa 2003

Once things calmed down at Nan and Pops, Liam took me to Port-De-Grave to see the boats, which are always done up with Christmas lights.

I haven’t mastered pictures of pretty things in the dark with my point and shoot just yet, but this picture will give you a better idea:

Source: Steve Sheppard Photography

After a lovely drive, I got ready to settle into my makeshift bed at Nan and Pop’s, pausing only to take a picture of their beautiful tree.

I had a fairly perfect Christmas day. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.


2 thoughts on “my Christmas in pictures

  1. Sounds like you had a great Christmas!


  2. Amanda says:

    I did indeed! I hope your Christmas was wonderful too. 🙂


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