top scoff: The Bagel Cafe

Today was a perfect day.

You know the days when like, yeah, it’s still winter, but it’s crisp and clear, chilly but bright, and the only snow falling is like little fluffy cotton balls. That was today.

Today I had to wake up early, for an itty-bitty shift: 8 am to noon. The early rise and the early finish meant that I had the day at my leisure. So once I roused Liam out of bed, there was only one thing to do. Head straight downtown for a stroll in the sun, and brunch at the Bagel Cafe.

The Bagel Cafe is one of those coziest spots you’ll find downtown. It’s little booths and tables are tucked in every nook and cranny, but it still feels private. The low lighting gives the feeling of sitting near a fireplace, (especially if you’re actually sitting by the fireplace) and the music mix – always superb – is subtle enough to create a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere.

The Bagel Cafe

Pictured: two of my favourite sources of warmth.

But the best part, of course, is the food – specifically (for me anyway) the breakfast. They have some of the tastiest hash browns in the city, and no matter what your order, you get a mountain of tastiness on your plate. Any place that offers you an all-day breakfast is already the greatest place ever, but this place has a touch of everything. You can get Newfoundland staples like toutons, fishcakes, and a myriad of seafood dishes; and you can also get basic restaurant classics like steak, burgers, and sandwiches.

I always find their wait-staff to be pleasant and helpful, and while normally I’d find the prices a bit hefty, given the portion sizes, I think they’re quite reasonable.

The Bagel Cafe

Pictured: Eggs, toast, bacon, bologna and hash browns. Aka today’s brunch and tomorrow’s breakfast.

All in all, on a bright, crisp, sunny day, one of the best ways to fuel up for a downtown stroll is a feed at the Bagel Cafe.

Post meal bliss

Post meal bliss

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