news that’s more exciting than me joining a gym today

So, this blog has been a little quiet over the past little while. Getting back in the swing of things after my Nonno’s passing has been difficult.

But I’ve also had something in the works. Something that is important to me, and was important to him. Something that for the month of May, will take Modern Nan in a slightly different direction.

Because for the month of May, Modern Nan will be going Nonna!

What the hell does that even mean? You’re probably asking, and I get it. So here’s the deal. Due to simultaneously terrible and fortuitous circumstances, I will be getting paid without having to work. (Thanks unnamed large company that decided not to target the Canadian market anymore.)

When I first found out I was losing my job, Liam, being the gentleman that he is, took me to get drunk on his dime. Halfway through my first bourbon lemonade (aka, Nan’s half smashed) I said “Frig it! I’m just gonna go to Italy out of it.” It started as a joke, but the seed was planted. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the planets would never align quite this nicely again.

So it got discussed among my family, with my mom deciding to tag along. I told Nonno that I would be visiting Italy, and his hometown, to make him smile when he was sick. And when he passed the next morning, it became more of a promise.

And finally, tonight, the plans have been set in motion. So for the month of May, I will be Modern Nonna, posting from places in Italy. (With short stays in Dublin and Paris to bookend the trip!)

I promise to do my best to learn to use my camera better than the last time I went to Europe, and I look forward to sharing every gelato I eat with you. Visually, at least. My about page already addresses that I can’t feed you through the screen. I’m sorry guys, I really am.

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