Featured Players

Here are some personalities you will encounter frequently while following my shenanigans:


Meet Jenn. Jenn is my best friend and fellow nan-type person. She likes baking, talking in her bay accent, and eating sweet and sour sauce with her fries dressing and gravy, so her opinion on it doesn’t really count.

Liam's Roberts Jersey

This is Liam. He is the Modern Pop to my Modern Nan. He likes cooking, being crafty, adventuring, and he owns a candy bowl. No comment as to whether there are currently peppermint nobs in there or not.

ol' Liz Lemon

Transportation is was provided by Liz Lemon. She’s a 2002, doesn’t always respond to lock de-icer, but can get me to Bonavista and beyond on a single tank of gas. (rip Liz)

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